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Why does mansion occur in babies?

Why does mansion occur in babies?

In the early stages of life, a baby’s skin changes a lot to adapt to the outside world and some skin problems may occur. At birth, newborn skin is considered sterile, so it lacks the beneficial bacterial flora that protects it. This makes both the skin and the baby much more sensitive to external factors.

When the baby is about 6 weeks old, the skin flora develops and enriches in a similar way to adult skin. During these weeks, the baby’s skin begins to recognize various microorganisms and protect the baby by repelling them. However, until this flora is fully developed and established, the skin is extremely dry and tight. In this situation, the body tries to soften the dry and tense skin by producing excess fat.

This is extremely beneficial for many areas of the skin, but can cause some problems in the scalp. Excessive amounts of fatty substances accumulate on the scalp of babies and then dry out and form crusts, forming yellow-brown host layers.

Another reason why the baby’s skin produces more fat than normal after birth is that many pregnancy-related hormones from the mother are still circulating in the baby’s blood. These hormones are compatible with fat and the body tends to produce more fat than normal in the presence of these hormones.

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