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What is Tattooing?

What is Tattooing?

Tattoo is a process in which the special dyes used for tattooing enter and exit the skin very quickly with a tattoo needle. The needle injects the ink into the dermis layer about 1 or 2 mm below the skin. Each time the tattoo needle reaches the dermis layer, it opens a micro-sized wound in the skin and releases the ink. In this way, the dye particles in the ink are trapped inside the cells.

Aftercare process after tattooing

First of all, since tattoo is an open wound, there are some steps that should be taken into consideration, let’s examine these steps together.

After the tattoo is done, the treated area is covered with a bandage to protect your tattoo from external factors such as dust, clothing friction and impact.

The bandage should not be removed for the amount of time recommended by your tattooist (1-5 hours) because it is your tattooist who provides personalized application.

After the bandage is removed, the first thing you need to do is to clean the tattoo area.

How should proper cleaning be done?

● Hands should be washed with antibacterial liquid soap for 1 minute before cleaning the area.
● Afterwards, the hands should be lathered with soap again and the foam should be spread on the tattoo in a layer.
● It should then be washed with warm, sterile water that does not open the pores, damage the skin or cause the ink to be absorbed into the skin.
● It should be rinsed with the help of a paper towel. If the environment is sterile, the tattoo area should be ventilated for 15 minutes and then fed with a thin layer of wound repairing care cream.
● After the cleaning process is over, the wound should be cared for and the tattoo area should be moisturized.

What to know about tattoo care and aftercare?

● Once your tattoo has been cleaned, you should quickly move on to maintenance and remember that the tattoo is still an open wound.


● The faster the open wound closes, the faster the tattoo moisturizes and refreshes the process as it dries, protecting your tattoo health and helping it maintain its vibrant appearance in the long term. Therefore, products that repair the skin should be preferred instead of moisturizers in this process.
● It is very important to provide the right moisturization, you can understand that you provide the right moisture by the shine of your skin. So it is enough to take a small amount of lotion and spread it on the tattoo area.
● After getting a tattoo, you should avoid the sun for a certain period of time and consume plenty of water.
● You should choose comfortable clothes that do not stick to your skin.
● You should continue to take care to keep the tattoo area as clean as possible.
● Avoid activities such as pool and sea in the first weeks.
● Scabbing will occur and this is a healthy part of the healing process. Not scratching and plucking during this process can delay the healing process, affect the integrity of the tattoo or even cause scarring.

What are the indicators that your tattoo is not healing correctly?

● Fever and chills
● Prolonged redness
● Inflammation (It can be considered normal up to the first 3 days, if it does not pass, you should consult a physician).
● Swelling and blistering (It can be considered normal up to the first 3 days, if it does not pass, a physician should be consulted).
● Severe itching and hives
● Scarring

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