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What is diaper rash?

What is diaper rash?

Diaper rash is a common condition especially in young babies who use diapers. Although diaper rash is usually seen on the baby’s buttocks, thighs and private parts, it can also be seen on the joints of the body such as the neck and under the arms. The skin in these areas becomes sensitive; diaper rash appears in the form of puffiness, redness and dryness, and it itches slightly and in some cases it hurts, especially with friction. This can be very uncomfortable for the little baby.

What are the Symptoms of Diaper Rash?

You can recognize diaper rash as pink-red rough patches on your baby’s body. Your baby’s skin will be blistered and you will notice that the diaper rash area is slightly warmer than normal body temperature. Your baby can’t tell you about the discomfort because he or she can’t talk yet, but you can tell by his or her behavior that he or she is uncomfortable. The baby with diaper rash will be restless and will not seem to enjoy his/her daily activities. During diaper changing times, he/she will become more restless and cry to show his/her discomfort.

What are the Causes of Diaper Rash?

Diaper rash is a problem that can occur in some cases, even if the baby’s cleanliness and skin care are meticulously taken care of. The first reason for diaper rash is that your baby’s body is dry, not sufficiently moisturized and suffocated for a long time. Another reason is that the baby’s body is not thoroughly dried after bathing and remains wet.

Prolonged contact of the baby’s skin with pee and poop, that is, not cleaning the diaper for a long time, is also among the most important causes of diaper rash. Staying wet after bathing, as well as sweating in the summer months and not drying this sweat can also cause diaper rash on the baby’s body, especially in the joint areas that touch each other.

Diaper selection is also among the factors affecting the formation of diaper rash. The diaper used should be suitable for the baby’s age and weight. Diapers that are too small squeeze the baby’s body too much and cause irritation, while loose diapers cause leakage and this causes diaper rash.
Another cause of diaper rash is an allergic reaction.

Choosing the detergents you wash your baby’s clothes or the skin care products you use carefully and identifying and avoiding products that cause allergic reactions in your baby can prevent diaper rash. Like detergents, hygiene products such as as wet wipes that you use to clean your baby’s body and bottom can also cause allergic reactions. It is therefore important to choose hygiene products that are as natural and fragrance-free as possible.

During the transition to supplementary food, the baby’s allergy to certain foods can also trigger diaper rash. It is important to monitor the foods the baby consumes and the reactions of the body. Foods such as honey, cow’s milk, eggs, strawberries and kiwi are among the foods that can cause allergies in babies. In addition, excessively spicy and acidic foods can also cause allergies and therefore diaper rash in babies.

Other causes of diaper rash are the use of antibiotics by the baby or the nursing mother, transition to supplementary food and bacterial or fungal growth.

Why is babies’ skin sensitive?

At birth, babies’ skin barrier is not yet fully mature. Your baby’s skin is highly sensitive and vulnerable to external aggression and does not reach full maturity until the age of two. Until the age of two, your baby’s skin cannot maintain the moisture levels necessary for its cells to function properly.

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