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How does diaper rash affect the baby?

How does diaper rash affect the baby?

A baby with diaper rash on any part of the body can be restless and cranky. Diaper rash in the joint areas, and therefore in areas that are constantly moving, can make your baby’s daily movements and play difficult and upsetting for your baby. Changing diapers is also one of the most difficult moments for a baby with diaper rash. If your baby has diaper rash, changing diapers can be a more laborious activity than usual and your baby may cry. In some cases, diaper rash can be very uncomfortable for the baby and your baby’s appetite may have decreased compared to before.
In such cases, you should remember that your baby is really hurting and that even everyday activities are difficult for him/her, so you should be understanding and relieve the diaper rash.

Diaper Rash Treatment and Prevention Methods?

Diaper rash is a condition that usually does not require medical treatment. There are some points to be considered in baby care to treat diaper rash and prevent its recurrence;
To treat diaper rash;
– To moisturize the baby’s skin,
– That your diaper doesn’t get wet,
– To clean the baby’s bottom thoroughly when changing diapers,
– Applying soothing and therapeutic ointment/cream to the rash area
– You should be careful to let the baby with diaper rash spend time without a diaper every day.
To prevent diaper rash;
– Keep the diaper dirty,
– To apply ointment/cream on your body when changing your diaper,
– The diaper should be appropriate for the age and weight and the diaper should not be too tight,
– Not to wear clothes that are too tight,
– Not to wash the baby’s clothes with perfumed detergents,
– Use alcohol and perfume-free products when cleaning the baby’s diaper,
– That the baby’s body doesn’t get wet,
– You should take care to moisturize the baby’s body.

What should be considered when choosing a diaper rash cream?

When choosing a diaper rash cream, look at the cream’s ingredients. As with detergents and products that clean the baby’s body, the content of the diaper rash cream should be free from substances that the baby may be allergic to. It is important that the content of the cream consists of natural products, contains vitamins and does not contain chemicals.

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