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Baby Lotion 100ml


Moisturizes and strengthens your baby’s skin
Suitable for daily use.
Suitable for all body types.
It is effective in diaper rash and mansions.
It can be used as a moisturizer.
Natural and herbal product.
Dermatologically tested.

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Product Description of Sanolie Baby Lotion

It provides the moisture and protection your baby’s sensitive skin needs. It can be safely applied to your baby’s skin with its easy-to-apply and fast-absorbing structure. Sanolie Baby Lotion, which helps to soften the skin and meet the daily care needs, draws attention with its full compatibility with your baby’s sensitive skin.

Thanks to its herbal blends and natural ingredients, it provides benefits for sensitive and irritated skin with a unique formulation and causes it to gain a vibrant appearance. With the protective barrier it creates on your baby’s skin, it helps to relax the skin throughout the day, while it is effective for cones in the hair area, redness, sensitivity and irritation in the diaper area.

Aleo Vera

Eliminates skin dryness. Balances the PH balance of the skin. Good for skin burns with its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.


Contains plenty of vitamin A. It supports cell renewal in your skin. It helps to keep the skin firm and elastic and prevent wrinkles.

Chamomile Oil

Moisturizes the skin, maintains moisture balance and softens the skin. It repairs the skin thanks to the vitamins and minerals it contains. It has pain relieving properties.

Lavender Oil

Strengthens skin cells. It has a preventive effect against skin aging. It also supports healing processes after sunburn. It has antiseptic effect, soothes irritated skin, prevents inflammation and accelerates the healing of mosquito bites.

Olive Oil

It is effective against wrinkles and supports healthy skin cell function. It also protects against skin-damaging UV rays and can prevent premature skin aging, although it cannot replace sun protection.

Cajeput Oil

It is good for psoriasis and skin infections and repairs the skin. It has antiseptic and analgesic properties. Reduces the feeling of pain.


● It is used externally.
● Keep out of the reach of children.
● Avoid contact with eyes.

Storage Conditions

Store at room temperature.

How to use Sanolie Baby Lotion?

Apply a thin layer to the area to be used by massaging. Make sure that the area is clean to get a better result.

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