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Baby Development

0-6 Month Baby Development

1 Month

During this period, when your baby has just opened his/her eyes to the world, he/she will weigh between a minimum of 2.5 kg and a maximum of 4 kg. Its height will be between a minimum of 45.3 cm and a maximum of 54.2 cm.

Breast milk is undoubtedly the best way to feed your baby for the first 6 months. If your baby is breastfeeding and has no problems, it is recommended by experts to feed your baby exclusively with breast milk for the first 6 months. Until the age of 1 year, breast milk should be the main food.

Newborn babies sleep a total of 16 to 20 hours a day. The important thing here is to feed your baby frequently. Your baby, who sleeps most of the time, will wake up every 2 to 3 hours and want to be fed. Your breastfeeding frequency can be 8 to 12 times during the first month. You should give one breast for 15-20 minutes and then switch to the other breast.

You will notice some changes in your baby day by day. His or her height, weight and reactions will change day by day. For example, your baby’s eyesight will improve more and more every day and he will follow you with his eyes. After a while, he or she will be able to recognize your voice and will start to react in tiny ways, such as smiling when he or she sees you.

2 Months

By the 2nd month of life, your baby starts to recognize faces and voices other than his/her mother. He will open his hands, which are usually shaped like fists, and will take everything in his hand to his mouth and suck it.

With this month, your baby starts to show his/her emotions more clearly and calms down when held. Feeding and sleeping hours start to become regular. Their movements become calmer due to the gradual development of the nervous system.

Be careful not to leave your baby in a high place during this period. By the 2nd month, your baby is in danger of falling as he/she gradually starts to turn and push himself/herself with the help of his/her feet.

3 Months

Your baby’s weight will be between a minimum of 4.48 kg and a maximum of 8.10 kg at 3 months. Your 3-month-old baby’s height will be between a minimum of 55.3 cm and a maximum of 66.4 cm.
At 3 months of age, it will be enough to breastfeed your baby 5-6 times a day and continue to feed exclusively with breast milk.

The issue you should pay attention to for your baby who spends most of the day sleeping during these months is the gas problem. Your baby, whose digestive system is not yet fully developed, may experience gas and digestive problems in the first 3 months. As a result, he/she will have sleep problems and feel uncomfortable. You can help your baby to have a comfortable sleep by helping your baby to pass gas after each feeding.

By the 3rd month, your baby will have better head control. It will react more clearly to you and laugh and scream loudly. Entering a period of exploring their hands, your baby will often examine their hands and want to touch other objects.

4 Months

By the 4th month, your baby starts to hold the objects in his/her hand and does not let go easily. If you help him/her, he/she can start to sit up and hold his/her head upright. He recognizes the different people in the house and responds with a loud smile if he is taken care of.

The best thing that month 4 brings for your baby is the full development of his/her senses of sight and hearing. He sees things as they are and the sounds he makes himself start to interest him. He starts to make a new set of sounds every day.

During this period you can start playing games with your baby. Listen to music or hum to him/her. This will be effective in its development. What you should pay attention to is that the toys you buy for your baby to play with should not harm your baby. Also make sure that the toys do not have small parts that can be swallowed.

5 Months

By the 5th month, your baby starts to imitate everything he sees and hears. It speaks to you with the help of a unique set of sounds. Your baby wants to touch everything and puts everything in his/her mouth.

By the 5th month, your baby has almost doubled the weight he or she was born with. After this, your baby’s weight gain will slow down. You may not be able to find your baby where you put him/her when he/she wakes up, as he/she starts crawling.

During this month, talk to your baby in short and clear sentences. Hold and hug your baby to show your love. You can buy soft and noisy toys that your baby can easily grasp with his/her hands. Start creating suitable spaces for him/her at home. Angular furniture, heavy and breakable vases, swinging covers may not be good for your baby.

6 Months

By the 6th month, your baby’s weight will range between a minimum of 5.94 kg and a maximum of 10.25 kg. In this month, your baby’s height will range from a minimum of 61.6 cm to a maximum of 73.2 cm.

Your baby, who is now in his 6th month, starts to sleep less and stay awake for longer hours. For your baby who sleeps 3-4 times a day, it will be very useful to establish an order with this month. You should take care to put them to bed at the same time and maintain this situation.

Until the 6th month of your baby’s life, you have been feeding your baby only with breast milk, and with this month you can start to get support from supplementary foods. You can learn the most appropriate supplementary food recommendations according to your baby’s development by consulting your doctor.

You will say “hello” to your baby’s first tooth this month. With the arrival of the 6th month, your baby will be able to sit first with support and then on its own. It will also start to crawl on its tummy and turn left and right.

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