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About Us

"We Care About Your Skin and Your Loved Ones"

Sanolie Hakkımızda

Natural Care Products

Launched in 2016 in Stuttgart, Germany, the Sanolie brand, with its expert team, distinguished and high quality mission in its product range, R&D and technological investments in the scientific field, is growing your journey on the path of a global brand day by day. Sanolie continues to play an innovative role with its innovation and principles in the field of health and attracts attention with its brand perception all over the world, especially in Turkey.

Sanolie ensures 100% user satisfaction with its production in accordance with GMP ISO 22716 and ISO 9001:2015 standards. Sanolie, which draws its strength from nature and soil, continues its social responsibility and awareness projects with the philosophy of “human value”. Because Sanolie cares about your skin and your loved ones.

Our Mission

To present and dedicate our products consisting of natural herbal extracts, without cortisone, preservatives and chemicals to the taste of all age groups.

Our Vision

To be a healing power that moves forward on this path by keeping trust and quality, respect for people and nature together, and keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level with the power we get from nature and soil.

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